About Us


About Us

Here at Iberdrola we have a commitment to drive development in energy, culture, the environment and society in all of the communities we reach, which is why the Social Dividend is included in our By-Laws. The Iberdrola Group’s foundations are a critical tool in fulfilling this corporate commitment.

Discover the most emblematic projects undertaken by Fundación Iberdrola España

Fundación Iberdrola España represents one more step in this firm commitment by developing initiatives to help improve people’s quality of life.

Areas of action

Our activity revolves around the following areas of action:

Preserving and protecting artistic and cultural heritage is one of our main fields of activity.
  • Scholarships and research to achieve excellence in training and research in the fields of energy and the environment, offering a number of scholarship programmes aimed at young people.
  • Biodiversity and climate change to help protect the environment with our nature preservation projects.
  • Cultural development, with a special focus on protecting, preserving and maintaining artistic and cultural heritage.
  • Cooperation and solidarity by engaging in social and professional inclusion initiatives with the most vulnerable groups such as children and youths.

The initiatives pursued by the Iberdrola Spain Foundation help to improve people’s quality of life