MNP – National Grants

MNP – National Grants

Fundación Iberdrola España has a close alliance with the Museo Nacional del Prado. We have supported to its Restoration Workshop with training and research scholarships for conservation and heritage restoration specialists since 2010.

Within the framework of Iberdrola’s collaboration with the Museo del Prado, these specific grants for the Restoration Workshop were launched

Our call for Iberdrola Scholarships at the Museo del Prado Workshop focuses on two areas of specialization:

  • Painting: study and participation in the processes of restoration and conservation of the pictorial works of the art gallery.
  • Technical office: intervention in the processes of digitalization of images and in the preparation of material for obtaining X-rays for the preparation of studies prior to restoration.

On the occasion of the signing of the Agreement between Fundación Iberdrola España and the Museo Nacional del Prado on September 16, 2021, 3 grants will be awarded for the training of specialists and to promote research at the Museo del Prado in the following specialties: Painting Restoration, in Frame Restoration and in the Technical Documentation Service. The 3 scholarships will be fully funded by Fundación Iberdrola España.